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Our family has been selling pure honey from Oakland, California since 1925. We use the most advanced testing methods available to guarantee 100% raw, pure, unblended, unadulterated, unfiltered, undiluted honey in every jar.

Robert and Frankie Cole began bottling and selling honey door-to-door until Robert traded a store-owner a bag of groceries for a box of honey. Our honey quickly sold out, and we’ve been on grocery store shelves ever since.

In the 1940s, Robert and Frankie’s son Bob joined the company to deliver honey. He went on to manage and expand the business for the next 60 years.

During the Health Food Movement of the 1960’s, Californians reached for Wild Mountain Honey as a healthy alternative to processed sugar. Orders poured in from San Francisco, Marin County, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Monterey and Los Angeles.

In 1978, Bob identified an imitation honey product and brought it back to the plant to test. Using the carbon-13 test, we proved the competitor’s product contained artificial ingredients. Wild Mountain Honey won the case in court helping to set the standard for honest labeling in the marketplace. Today, our family continues to use the carbon-13 test and many other tests to guarantee our honey. 

Now in our fourth-generation, our family invites you to enjoy Wild Mountain Honey for your health! Try it straight out of the jar, to sweeten your coffee and tea or to replace sugar in your favorite recipes.